In Pursuit of Peace

December 2, 2009

So, this is my brand new blog. I’m so excited to have it started. I’ve been thinking about it and planning it for some time. I hope you’ll come by often to visit with me and to be encouraged! Back to what’s on my mind…Christmas!

Even though I love Christmas so much, I have to say it’s hard to let go of my fall decorations. All those beautiful red and golds. But I finally put them away last night and we have officially pulled all the Christmas decorations and dishes down from the attic. Did I mention I love Christmas? I have a lot of Christmas stuff.

Bless my husband, Scott, who helps me every year by bringing all the boxes in and helping me unpack snowmen and reindeer and ornaments. Then, he puts them all away after New Year’s. (Scott is the Best. Everyone loves Scott—not Raymond—Scott. Just wait till you get to know him. You’ll see!)

Christmas? Now?

I’m slow coming into the Christmas season this year, partially because it’s the first year in 10 that I haven’t done a Christmas program for my church. In the past, I’ve done adult programs, kids programs, and one year, I was crazy enough to do both. (Never again!) So, I used to plan a program during the summer and start rehearsals no later than October. My head was into Christmas long before anyone else.

This year, when I resigned from my staff worship leader position at church (following the Lord’s leading) and we hired a new worship leader, one of my thoughts was, “This year, I’ll take Christmas ‘off.’ I’ll just enjoy it!” I have stuck by that promise and couldn’t even bring myself to sing in the Christmas choir (Sorry, Nick!) So part of me looks at this month and thinks, “Aah!” and sighs in blissful relief. Another part of me is saying, “Hey, get it in gear! It’s Christmas!” I think I need to listen to the second part.

Making a List

Time to make a list. At the top I’m going to write–PROCEED WITH PEACE. Isn’t it the easiest thing in the world to find ourselves racing around so much this month that you’d think one of the wise men was named “Frantic Fred?” Peace on earth? What? Where?

As a Christ follower, I know the true meaning of Christmas. I get it. I need to show it, to reflect it, to be that picture of the peace that comes from God.

That’s a tall order for me. I can get a lot done, but I’m not always “peaceful” doing it. Not that I’m necessarily cranky, just focused. And moving very fast!

Productive and peaceful. Hmm. What a concept.

Will you join me in pursuing peace as much as gifts this holiday season?

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