Let God Speak First

The email had finally arrived after two months of waiting. Inside was the verdict from the publisher on my book proposal. He would either want to see more or he would say…

I held my breath, opened it, read quickly. It was personal, not a form letter. Good sign. Liked it. Well-written, blah, blah, blah…but…no, not quite right for them at this time. More about how hard it is for new authors right now and a word of encouragement. The End.

I was still holding my breath. I didn’t want to react, didn’t want to cry. In a flash, I thought of the people I would need to tell; faithful friends praying for the proposal, writer friends, family. I still didn’t move. In that frozen moment, the Lord spoke to me so clearly. In my heart and mind I heard Him say, “Let Me speak first.” Yes. I could do that. I finally exhaled.

I kept thinking on what the Lord said. “Let Me speak first.” I let that echo in my mind. Those words alone were so amazing, so brilliant. What a great idea/word/concept! Before anyone else could influence me in any way, I would wait on God and hear from Him. Before I even processed my own feelings, I would hear from God and know what to do.

Our God is so tender and caring and full of purpose. He did comfort me and love me and show me the next step. And I have always remembered His words and that moment of truth. Let Him speak first.

Is there an area of your life where you need to listen and “let God speak first” in this New Year?

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  1. How timely. I saw where you followed me on twitter and came to look you up. I came first to your blog, and today’s post was exactly what I needed in this moment.

    Totally different circumstances, but same principle. God’s details and arrangements are so perfectly beautiful!

    Thank you for being His vessel today!


  2. Hi, Ann. So nice to meet you! I found you on twitter from a comment you made to my friend here in MT, Tricia Goyer. I’m so glad this blessed you today! God’s ways are so amazing and He surely does “all things well.” It’s so great to live a life trusting Him. I look forward to getting to know you. 🙂


  3. Duffy Derks

     /  February 22, 2010

    Great Word! This is something that I’ve tried to do, but at times have slipped my words in before the Lords. When I do, He remains silent until I realize that I should have let Him speak first. I think this is a lifetime of growth, never mastered, but comes more easily as I listen first and speak second.



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