I See You

Tweet, Tweet!

One of the things I love about twitter is you get to see (depending on who you follow, of course) Christians all over the nation and even the world, serving God right where they are. So many, many people doing their very best every day to follow after God and to be faithful to Him in their various realms of influence. I love that. It lets me know I’m not alone. God’s got an army out there.

God’s Army–You Are Not Alone

It reminds me of Elijah when he was tired and discouraged and he told the Lord how he alone had been faithful and that he was the only prophet left and now his life was in danger too (I Kings 19:14). The Lord answered Elijah, giving him instructions as to his next steps and then He said, “Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel—all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and all whose mouths have not kissed him” (I Kings 19:18). SEVEN thousand. Elijah was not alone. God had a remnant out there.

That’s the big picture. God has an army. God has a remnant. There are thousands and thousands of people serving Him in the world today. All in not lost.

But what about the little picture? The close-up of where you and I are today? To answer that, let’s go to the movies.

Avatar – “I see you.”

Have you seen Avatar yet? I saw it last weekend. It was the first full-length movie I’ve seen in 3D and is was well worth every minute. It was a brilliant, visual feast. The blue people living on Pandora called the Na’vi had a saying of greeting and of intimacy – “I see you.”

Sometimes we need to know someone really sees us. In our busy lives, as we rush around, we need someone to stop and connect with our heart, to understand how we feel, to take the time to look us in the eye and say, “I see you.”

God Sees You

God always sees us. Up close and personal. We are never alone. He sees us in a deep, meaningful way. He looks in our eyes and says, “I see you. I see you right now. I know right where you are. I have not lost track of you for a moment. I know your feelings. I know your worries and concerns. I see your heart. I see your hurts. I see your faithfulness to Me. I love you. I see you.”

Remember you are not alone today.

God is with you. God loves you. God sees you.

Can you take the time to stop and look full in His face today, to pause and see the love in His eyes for you?

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