Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. What an interesting name for this day, the day we remember how Jesus died for us.

The Reality of This Day

I grew up in San Jose, CA and I’ve gone to big churches most of my life. That means I have been to many Easter productions where “Jesus” actually walks right by your pew, dragging a cross, dripping fake blood. When he finally reaches the platform, they lay him out on the cross and –one of the worst parts ever—they clang the nails “into” his hands. Every blow is so horrific. I can barely take it, even though I know it’s not real—because I know it was real.

Jesus had been up all night, forcibly taken by soldiers from the Garden of Gethsemane the evening prior. He had been brought before the Jewish Sanhedrin, the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, and the Jewish ruler of Galilee, King Herod. It was a long night.

The Death of God’s Son

Although Pilate found no guilt in Jesus, the Jewish leaders requested he be handed over for crucifixion for claiming to be the Son of God. Yes, Jesus had been telling the people He was God’s Son and He told them over and over that He was speaking the truth.

Jesus’ death bore witness. He was on the cross six hours and darkness covered the land for the last three. When He cried out in a loud voice and gave up His spirit, there was an earthquake, tombs broke open and the veil in the temple was torn from top to bottom. The Roman centurion, terrified, said, “Surely he was the Son of God!”

The Veil of God’s Presence

The veil in the temple was torn from top to bottom. That is one of my favorite demonstrations of God’s power and plan. The veil that separated us from God was torn—from top to bottom. God Himself tore down that veil and now we are allowed access to the very Presence of God because of the blood of Jesus.

What a privilege. What an honor. There are hardly words to convey what Jesus purchased for us that day. His blood covers all our sins. We can now go into the Holy of Holies, covered by the blood of Jesus and we can converse with God. We can daily speak with Him. We can have a living relationship with Him that will last forever.

The Goodness of This Friday

On this day, we pause and remember. We must remember the sacrifice Jesus made, the terrible pain He suffered, the anguish of bearing our sin and the darkness of being separated from His Father while He did it. Truly, Jesus bore all our sorrows. He paid the price.

This is a day for reverence, but it is also a day for solemn rejoicing, for deep gratitude. Jesus made a way into God’s Presence for us. He opened the door for us to have relationship with God the Father and His Son. Jesus paid it all.

It is indeed a Good Friday.

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