New Life

I Had a Plan

So, I knew what I wanted to write about after my last post. I wanted to talk about the Resurrection (Big surprise, I know. Good Friday…Easter!) Also, I had just taught on John 11 where Jesus resurrected Lazarus. I was (and always am) excited about how Jesus can make dead things live.

But on Easter Sunday afternoon, I got a fever to go with the sore throat I had all weekend. (Still got to sing in the Easter choir though & teach my class-yea!) Monday I was even more sick and Tuesday was worse than that. Wednesday I called the doctor, but my doctor wasn’t there. I said that was ok. I was too sick to go in anyway! Finally, I turned a corner and felt a tiny bit better. I have improved in small increments—over the last two weeks. Good grief! I laid on the couch and thought, “Yes, the resurrection power of Jesus. That’s what I need!”

Lazarus, Come Out!

I am still excited about His power—because, no matter how dead a part of our heart or life may feel, Jesus can resurrect it. Even if we are sure we have failed or a dream has died, Jesus can bring it back to life in a completely new way.

Jesus stood at Lazarus’ tomb and said, “Take away the stone.” Martha, ever practical, said, “But Lord…he stinketh!” Literally. The King James says, “stinketh!” The NIV says, “…by this time there is a bad odor.” Jesus didn’t change his mind—“Oh, ok Martha, let’s not open the tomb then.” He didn’t say, “You’re right. What was I thinking? Let’s not do this.”

Jesus said to prepare for the glory of God! They took away the stone. Then he prayed out loud for the benefit of everyone standing with them. Then, he said in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!” Lazarus did as Jesus commanded and stood before them in his grave clothes. Everyone must have been stunned and speechless because Jesus finally had to tell them to unwrap Lazarus and let the poor guy go!

Jesus’ Power of Life

If Jesus should stand before us at any point in our lives, in front of any heart closet or any soul basement door and say, “Open up,” (“Take away the stone,”) we need to do it. We must not block the way and protest.

  • “But Lord, that’s been dead for years.”
  • “Lord, I’ve tried that particular Christian discipline and I can’t do it.”
  • “Let’s not look at that, Lord. It didn’t work. I failed.”
  • “Lord, that hurt has been long buried. Let’s not stir things up!”

No, no. Open the door. Swing it open wide and let Jesus in. He can bring healing to the hurt, comfort to the despair, life to the dead. Wherever Jesus goes, He brings life. He is the very essence of Life. He is the way, the truth and the life! (John 14:6)

I’m excited for the new life Jesus wants to bring this spring. And as for me, I’m glad to be recovering, up and about, back in the land of the living!

Are you ready for Jesus to bring you new life?

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