Holiday Emotions

(This turned into an early Christmas post. Yet, it feels timely to me, possibly because of all the Christmas commercials and store decorations. Or maybe it’s because it’s been snowing all afternoon! In any case, I just had to say…)

I’m a mess lately. I almost cry at commercials. I say, “No, no!” to the TV when something bad happens to someone. I am more easily moved then usual.

Must be the holidays.

Family, Food, Fun

Something about this time of year is so much more … emotional. First comes Thanksgiving with all the scenes of family around a table spread with a lavish feast. I’m so blessed because I get to actually experience a wonderful, huge family with a food-laden table to match.

Then comes the excitement and anticipation of Christmas with all the shopping and baking and wrapping. Yes, I believe in shopping the day after Thanksgiving. It’s so much fun!

Christmas Movies!

After that, the Christmas movies begin. Sometimes they’re simply—magical, as in inspiring and fanciful all wrapped up in one present with a beautiful bow.

I know there’s no actual Polar Express with dancing waiters, serving hot chocolate in amazing rhythm. I know there’s no Santa Claus. (Sorry if that’s news to anyone!) I know that Buddy the Elf didn’t save Christmas by teaching everyone to believe in Santa and to sing from their hearts, but it’s still a great moment when the crowd begins to pick up the melody, one by one, until everyone joins in (even Mr. Cranky Pants) with “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” and Santa’s sleigh lifts into the air, carried on music and hope! (I know. I’ve “got it bad.”)

But I also know I’m not the only one who feels the splendor, the mystery and the wonder of Christmas. That’s what Christmas is all about. The splendor of angels singing against the backdrop of the night sky, the mystery of a virgin birth, the wonder of the Christ child in a manger. All the feelings of Christmas are rooted in truth.

True Christmas Wonder

I do believe that it is because Christmas is really about the love of God and the amazing gift of Jesus that even the most worldly among us are pricked with at least a few fuzzy feelings at Christmas. It’s a season of love and warmth and wonder. Everyone loves to see a child’s eyes light up in surprise at the sight of animated Christmas decorations or an entire string of houses done up with Christmas lights or the pile of presents under the tree on Christmas morning.

I think we should feel the wonder of Christmas. I think we should be moved when we remember again that Jesus, God’s Son, came as a baby to love us and to save us. And hopefully, we will find ways to show that mind-blowing love of God to other people this year when hearts are perhaps a bit softened, maybe even a little—emotional.

How do the holidays make you feel?

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