To Resolve or Not To Resolve?

That is the New Year’s question. It used to be assumed that everyone made New Year’s Resolutions and magazine articles and sermons were tailored accordingly. Then came a wave of thinking that said since we don’t keep resolutions past February, why torture ourselves by making resolutions? Let’s just forget the resolutions and go on with our lives however they are now. While that idea was designed to relieve guilt, it’s not very inspiring, is it?

A Fresh, Simple Approach

The truth is our lives do need change. Just like cars need new oil and tune-ups, we need a fresh approach and new outlook from time to time. I think we should set some goals. The key here is to not overwhelm ourselves. Especially for anyone, such as myself, who is prone to perfectionism. Once I get started on a list of things I want to improve in my life, it quickly grows to 25 or 30 items—too many to tackle!

Let’s keep it simple. Perhaps five things and they must be things we can actually move toward every day. This means our items have to be more than dreams. A dream is good and God-given dreams are best. If we have dreams only God can accomplish or if we know God has given us dreams for the future, then by all means, we should be praying and believing God will bring their fulfillment. But our “five things” need to be measurable and attainable, like all good goals. These items need to be dreams with feet.

Dreams or Goals?

“I want to be a nicer person,” is too vague. How will we know when this has been achieved? “I am going to make a conscious effort to stop insulting my brother/sister through veiled teasing,” is easier to measure. “I am going to forgive my friend who offended me every day until I really let go of that offense” is something we can actively do.

Napoleon Hill, an American author, said, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” It’s hard for me to get anything done without a deadline. With a deadline, I can do most anything. Without it…well, what’s the rush? I have three other deadlines to meet, so the item without a deadline falls to the bottom of the list.

The “Only Five” List

So, let’s pray and ask God for direction–for measurable, attainable goals with deadlines. Let’s write down at least five things we are going to do this year, five things that we will grow and develop. Let this list be our overall New Action List.

One of the items on my list is easy. I lost 20 lbs this past fall (although it’s probably only a 15 lb loss now-post Christmas!) and I plan to lose the next (and last) 20-25 in January and February (See? Deadline.) Then, I’ll be done with that and can move on to maintenance and a sustained lifestyle of health. I have to pray about my other four items…

What’s on your “Only Five” List?

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