Life is Full of–Changes!

I spoke at youth group this week to a great bunch of kids. We talked about change … the many changes life brings our way.

Our youth pastor just resigned, so as a group, they are going through a big change right now. Individually, they are all going through the many changes teenagers experience. Plus, I know some of their personal and family situations. The broken homes, the broken relationships, the broken hearts. Some are angry over things that have happened in the past. Some are angry about situations in the present. Several of them are graduating from high school this year-which is a good thing! We all face change, both negative and positive…over and over and over. It’s so important we learn how to deal with and truly process change.

Change? Do We Have To?

Change. Sigh! Not my favorite thing. I like familiar and comfortable so much more than the upheaval that some changes bring. The changes that come to our life as the result of someone else’s choices and decisions are often the hardest to get through, especially if the change is negative and out of our control.

We talked about the Five Stages of Grief—our natural responses to loss. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Sound heavy? A couple of the kids did a very funny skit for us, demonstrating these stages in a highly entertaining way. That helped.

Emotional Response, Chosen Response

Then we talked about the emotional response we all have versus the next response that we all choose. I told them there were two Very Important things to learn.

1.     Don’t get stuck in any of the stages!! I’ve done this before (Denial is my personal favorite) and it’s not a good idea. When you get stuck, you can’t move on into what God has for you.

2. Go to God. Go to Him, go to Him, go TO Him! Always move toward God and never away. Take our anger to Him and tell Him about it. He can handle it. AND He can help us. He wants to help us. He will comfort us and heal us and help us move through this cycle of loss.

When we’re having trouble accepting a change in our life, we need to ask God for help. He is more than willing. He is more than able. And what does He say to us?

What Does Jesus Say?

Come to Me.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

Simple. Straight forward. Come. Jesus says, “Just come.” He will give us the peace we long for. He will softly wrap us in the comfort we need. He will listen to our ranting and raving and help us get the anger out so it can dissipate. We need to turn to Him. He is the One who can help us with all kinds of changes.

Is there a change that feels overwhelming in your life? Go to Him first and often.

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