God Knows~and That is Enough

I’ve been going through quite a season. There have been so many things I can’t talk about because they involve other people. In every concern of my heart, every area of my life, it seems, there have been serious situations causing me pain in some way. Thus, my long silence…what could I write about? All the things that were really on my mind couldn’t be said. I had to protect the innocent…and the guilty! Plus, when I get overwhelmed, I clam up. I pull in, hold tight (quite literally) and try to ride out the storms. I’m not saying that’s the best thing to do, but it’s still my default.

A Thought from the Lord

There has been one wonderful thought that has come to me along the way, however. I was driving (I’m a mom of teens without wheels; I’m still always driving!) and I was thinking about how some of the present-day circumstances are really “pushing my buttons” from the past. These are the things people will never know or see. There’s no way they can realize some of their actions or comments are hitting such a deep nerve in my life. And sometimes, honestly, they wouldn’t care anyway.

Then I thought, “But God knows. He knows all the deep ramifications. No one else would really understand. But God was there. He knows. And that’s enough.”

There are times when the fact that God knows has to be enough. HE has to be enough. And He is. If we let Him be, He is.


Not that we shouldn’t reach out to our friends to share our hearts and ask for prayer. I have done that (specifically and intentionally—that counts as doing better for me!) We should do those things and God has given us to each other in the Body of Christ, especially for times like this. He wants us to … what? Love each other. I think He said that a time or two, particularly in the Gospel of John. 😉

And yet, even with the support of friends, sometimes we can still feel alone. Like the Word says in Proverbs 14:10, “Each heart knows its own bitterness and no one else can share its joy.”

God Alone

Only God knows how we really feel. Everyone else has a window into our lives, but Jesus is actually in our lives. Better yet, He doesn’t just “know” how we feel in a detached or intellectual sense. He knows and cares and loves us. He is right with us. He hurts with us. He cries with us. And He is the One who can truly comfort us and give us peace. He is the One who can provide direction and strength. So, He is the One we can trust. He is the One we should turn to.

Because in all things we face in life, God really is Enough.

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