What to Say at Your Next Dinner Party

We had a wonderful time at our Dinners for Eight last Saturday night. Dinners for Eight is a way to get to know people and our church is doing a round of dinners right now. You sign up and you are paired with three other couples and you take turns having dinner at each home. Everyone brings something and it’s always a great time.

The Best Stories

Our Dinners for Eight group is actually Dinners for Six and it’s been so enjoyable. It’s always fun to get to know people around the table. Food brings everyone together. We met at our house this month and I made Mexican Chicken Casserole. One couple brought a beautiful green salad and the other brought perfect Spanish rice. Then, I wanted them all to enjoy the amazing Black Forest Dessert. Yum!

But the very best part has been talking about the Lord and what He’s done in our lives. The very best stories are about how each of us came to know Jesus. And I love the question, “What has the Lord been speaking to your heart lately?”

The Best Fellowship

You know, it’s a funny thing, but if most of your life runs in Christian circles, you will find that people don’t actually ask that question. We can be guilty of missing the very best fellowship of all:  spiritual fellowship. Especially once you get to know the people in your church. Maybe you know how all your friends got saved and you know their testimonies.

That’s great, but what did Jesus tell you today? What did the Word speak to me yesterday? We need to encourage each other like this! We can speak life to each other. This should be a natural part of our conversation. It’s too weird how many Christians will get together, talk about situations in their life, but never brings God’s perspective into it.

The Best Question

We need to ask each other, “What did God say to your heart about this?” I think we’re afraid to put each other “on the spot” because we don’t always remember to ask God for His input on our situations! What if we ask that question and our friend stammers, “Well, I haven’t really prayed about it,” or worse yet, feels obligated to come up with a spiritual sounding answer, “Well, I know He wants me to trust Him”? If that happens, we just smooth it over with love. Yes, He does want us to trust Him, but what did He say about this? We need to hear from Him. We need to gracefully remind each other to ask Him.

Like Mandisa says with her latest CD title– “What is We Were Real?” (Awesome, must-have CD!) We need to get real with each other and encourage each other in our faith. We need to be pursuing our daily walk with Jesus, be in His Word and growing in Him. Then we need to share what we are learning, feeling and hearing from God with each other. The sharing of spiritual things—what God is presently saying and doing—brings such life!

So…what has God said to you lately?

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