Look Up!

The Sunday morning before last, I was starting to get quite the headache. We had finished worship practice and I found myself rubbing my neck and jaws because they were so tight and painful.

I knew from experience that if those symptoms continued, I would wind up with a debilitating migraine. This was not an option! Not only did I need to lead worship in 30 minutes, but I also needed to be able to frost 154 cupcakes right after church for a dear friend’s afternoon wedding!

Time to Pray

When the worship team and our pastor went in a Sunday school room to pray, they laid hands on me and prayed for healing. I started to feel better right away. The pain and tightness receded. Praise the Lord! As I stepped back into the circle and we continued to pray, the Lord showed me something else too.

I needed to look up. The tension was coming from looking down so much. I’d been baking for the wedding for two weeks, with lots of dipping and looking down for hours at a time. I had just been looking down towards my music stand in practice. My neck was saying, “Enough!”

Where Are We Looking?

In so many ways, we need to look up and when we look down too long, we find ourselves dealing with stress and pain. Where is our focus? Are we constantly looking down? Maybe part of our life is saying, “Enough! Look up!” It’s time to look up to the Lord.

“I lift up my eyes to the hills where does my help comes from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth” (Psalm 121:1,2). We need to get and keep our eyes on the Lord. He is our Help.

The Lord, Our Answer

He waits for us to look up and acknowledge Him. He wants to help us. He stands ready to answer our prayers, to comfort us or to heal us. He wants to intervene and to act on our behalf. He is always ready to show Himself strong and mighty in our lives.

So let’s look up and ask for His help!

What is taking your eyes off the Lord today?

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