New Season

Nine Months

Let’s say you have a blog…and you haven’t posted in nine months. How do you start back up again? Do you explain what you’ve been doing and why you haven’t written? (Does anyone really want to hear the story of your life for the past nine months? Really?) Do you just post as if there was no hiatus? Do you give reasons, make excuses? If only I’d had a baby. Nine months. I could post pictures. Everyone would “ooh” and “aah” and I’d be totally off the hook!

In my last post, “In the Meantime,” I talked a little bit about being in a season of waiting. So true. The great thing is what I thought I was waiting for and what I was actually waiting for were two completely different things. And the new season God has brought me into is so much better than what I was expecting to happen! (That’s why you always go with God’s plan. It’s WAY better.)

Family Update

I have reached a new season. So many things in my life have completely changed. Our two oldest kids have essentially left home (although there seems to be some of their stuff still here!) Our daughter, Sami, moved to Hawaii in January and our son, Bryn, is working in the oil fields in North Dakota. So, we just have our youngest son at home, Kellyn, who is 17 and in his junior year of high school. My husband, Scott, has also taken a job in North Dakota and is now on a two-week away at work, one-week at home rotating schedule. Big adjustment!

I am at home…with a To Do list as long as my arm! I’m helping Kellyn with many school-related issues, including a search for the right college and a football scholarship. (Next up: Studying for ACT and SAT tests!) I’m still the worship leader at our church (which I still love) and did I mention I’m the only one at home? Someone has to vacuum.


Something else happening in this new season is I’m teaching “Queen Esther’s Secret: Step into Victory” again. I’m teaching this study as a Wednesday night class at our church. It’s so fun sharing this story and all the deep principles found there to a whole new group of people. We are also video-taping and will be making DVDs of the series for a Bible study group that wants to do this study this summer. I’m excited that God is still using “Esther.”


And yes, I now have time to write. It’s kind of scary to be handed the one thing you thought was holding you back from doing something God has called you to do. I wondered if I should even try blogging again. (Just because I’m supposed to write doesn’t mean I’m supposed to blog, right?) But I do have things I want to share, stories I want to tell.

So, I’m back! And I look forward to sharing life’s ups and downs and God’s faithfulness through it all with you.


Has anything major changed in your life in the past nine months?

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