What’s Holding You Back?

Sometimes the Lord gives us one line or thought that changes everything, a truth to help steer us in the right direction.

Crying Out to God

I mentioned last week that it’s kind of scary to be handed the one thing you thought was holding you back from doing something God has called you to do. In my case, it’s the gift of time. I was working a retail job and looking at going into a demanding full-time office job, but in my heart, I was crying out to the Lord. “You know I can’t work this much and manage my home, family and church commitments and write.” I really can’t.

There are stories about people who get up early and stay up late to write, who scribble on napkins every five minutes…that’s not me. I want to be that person. I would love for that to be my story. But the truth is, I have Fibromyalgia, and while God has brought a lot of healing to my life, I still have to deal with this invisible, chronic illness. I can do a lot of things and I’m a super organized multi-tasker. I can do great things in an office chair. But my body can only sit in that chair so long. I literally can’t come home and do it all over again. Not consistently. Plus, you have to have some brain power left to write. When my body gets too tired, bye-bye brain power.

The Answer

I was praying about this situation and the Lord impressed on my heart that He was going to change my situation and I was soon going to be home and able to write. Then He said this: “Don’t let anything hold you back.” He told me my obstacle at that moment was a lack of time, but there would be other obstacles, and to not let anything hold me back.

Good grief. There’s so many things that hold me back. All kinds of fears and insecurities and worries. Plus, I’m an introvert! Writing is still a little unfamiliar. I can share my heart with people just fine when I’m singing or speaking, but writing can get so…personal. (Like now!) Sometimes I don’t want to share…anything at all…with anyone. I want to curl up in a ball and stay under the covers. Safe. But that isn’t what God is calling me to do.

Step Forward

God is calling me forward. God is calling me to step out in obedience and keep taking step after step until “I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free,” Psalm 119:32.

“Don’t let anything hold you back.” That line still makes me stop and reflect. What’s holding me back? What do I allow to hold me back? What’s the remedy? If sin is holding me back, I can repent. If it’s fear, I’ll give it to God. If it’s the enemy or plain old laziness, I must push through!

It’s time to move forward. Taking a step in the direction of God’s call today…


What’s holding you back? Is there something you need to step up and do?

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