Christmas Notes: Take Care of Your Body


Last December 26th, I wrote myself a note. I put it in my Christmas card box and marked it, “Christmas Note to Self ~ Read on December 1st!” Then I put a reminder in my calendar for December 1st to read said note.

I pulled it out this morning. It began like this:

My Holiday Downfall

“Dear Erica, It’s December, your favorite time of year. This month you will want to do more than ever. You need to be in good health to pull off this wonderful thing called Christmas. Usually, we feel worse than ever while trying to do more than ever because of one thing: Sugar.

You cannot eat sugar for three weeks and expect to feel good on Christmas. In fact, by Christmas you will feel terrible and be lucky if you don’t get sick. This year, we wound up with neck pain, headaches and upset tummy, just in time for the Christmas weekend.”

Wow. I forgot I didn’t feel well on Christmas. I remembered being really sick in January…and February and I’ve been thinking about how to avoid that. I came to the same conclusion: take care of the body in December.

My Holiday Advice

But, back to my note. I went on to detail some of my crazy schedule last year from doing so much. Early mornings and late nights. Then, I had some more good advice for myself:

“Plan for more sleep, if possible, but definitely drink your water, work out regularly, but most important—eat as low-carb as possible until Christmas Eve. That’s right. No candy ahead of time. Plan to eat some goodies Christmas Eve through New Year’s Eve and then be done. Let’s have a carb week, not a carb month!”

Well, that’s pretty plain talk. But I wasn’t done yet.

“Plan activities. Don’t think you can do four times more than any other month of the year.

  • Start Christmas cards right now. Send them early.
  • Plan out what baked goods you’ll make and when you’ll make them.
  • Shop early.
  • Ship early.
  • Wrap early!!!”

Notice a theme here?

My Holiday Decision

Ok, this is a good word from my last year self. I’m on it. I worked out this morning, so that’s good. Have to adjust my eating to lower carb, for sure. And I won’t eat any more White Chocolate Peppermint M&M’s. (I only had a few!)

And the “Christmas Done Early” plan is now in motion!

Join me in planning for a happy and healthy holiday. It’s easier to spread good cheer if you feel good and cheerful yourself.

What things do you need to do differently this year? Are you always done with Christmas preparation early or are you wrapping on Christmas Eve?

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  1. Jana Mae

     /  December 6, 2012

    Good advice! And the best way to cut out carbs is to give away your kitchen aid so a poor unfortunate soul who does not have one.



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