God’s Heart for You ~ Amazing Love

Sometimes the simple songs are the most profound.

Love Songs in Church

I don’t remember learning, “Jesus Loves Me,” but it must have been in Sunday school because I learned it so young, I’ve been singing it “all my life.” Such sweet, precious truth. “Yes, Jesus loves me, Yes, Jesus loves me…the Bible tells me so.” It’s such a comforting song and I’ve sang babies to sleep with it many times.

In junior high, another song about God’s love always brought me to tears in church, “Oh How He Loves You and Me.” Something about the way the song was built musically and the anointing on it brought the truth of God’s love home to me. It crashed over the defensive walls around my heart like a wave and always found a way in. “He gave His life / What more could He do / Oh how He loves you / Oh how He loves me / Oh how He loves you and me.”

God’s Love: Technicality or Desire?

God’s love was something I always knew in my head, but had a hard time feeling that it was true…for me. I mean, technically, God loved me. (He had to, right?) But it was hard to grasp the truth of how God felt about me. Surely, He didn’t want to love me.

Over the years, God has worked on this in me…convincing me of His love. One thought that helped was that I could do nothing to make God love me less and I could do nothing to make God love me more. I couldn’t earn more of His love because He already loved me completely, perfectly. And not in some distant relative, pinch-your-cheek-at-a-funeral kind of way either. He loves with a deep, personal, overwhelming, intimate love.

God’s Crazy About Us! (Oh!)

These days, the song “How He Loves” captures it perfectly. “He loves us, oh how He loves us…” (You can see the video here. Be sure to watch the whole thing.) We need to understand that God really loves us, not because He has to, but because He has chosen to and He has proven this over and over. He loves us. We have His full attention. Nothing escapes Him. He is concerned for every little thing that concerns us. He knows us so much better than we know ourselves. And He’s crazy about us! Smitten. Over the moon. Yes, over me. Over you. “He loves us, oh how He loves us.”

God’s eyes are turned toward us. He heart is full of love for us. He wants a daily relationship with us. His love is overwhelming, but we need to let it overwhelm us and realize how good and pure it is. His love is amazing. We need to see ourselves through His eyes and grasp a little part of His heart: He loves us!

“Oh how He loves you / Oh, how He loves me / Oh how He loves you and me!”


Do you readily accept and bask in God’s love or it is hard for you to believe He loves you? Either way, why do you think that is?


The Tiny Evangelist

The other day, I carefully parked my Yukon next to the cart return at the grocery store. As I stepped out, a little girl who was hanging out a car window in the next space over sang out to me, “Jesus loves you!”

I laughed. “Yes, He does!” I replied. “And He loves you too.” She beamed at me while the young woman next to her in the car just smiled. “Good word,” I said to her as my son and I headed into the store. Her words stayed with me, but not just what she said, but the way she joyfully and directly proclaimed them.

What’s Our Message?

There is so much emphasis today on knowing and communicating your message, your name, your brand. While it is important to be clear on what we are presenting to the world and what we are specifically asking people to buy into, this encounter with a sunny little girl got me thinking. When it comes down to it, what is our message except to say, “Jesus loves you!”

  • What is the one thing people need to hear? Jesus loves you!
  • What is the one message that can change a life? Jesus loves you!

A Message From the Heart

The way she said those three words was so cute. It was like, “Jesus loves you, you know.” And it was said with the conviction of someone who knows Him.

I know Him. You know Him. We can speak from personal experience about how great God is. We forget how many people have never felt His love and have no idea how amazing it is to be in His Presence.

We are the voice, the eyes, the hands and feet of Jesus on the earth. Let’s find someone today who needs to know what God most wants them to know. Let’s tell them with all the passion of our heart: Jesus loves you! It’s the most important thing we can communicate to anyone today, this timeless message: Jesus loves you!

Maybe we need to hang out our car window and sing out for someone.

Is there someone you can intentionally tell about the love of Jesus today?

Hearts, Valentine’s–God’s Love

I have really been looking forward to February this year. Not sure why. There wasn’t anything wrong with January, but I really like Valentine’s Day. I found myself anticipating February 1st so I could put away the snowmen and decorate for Valentine’s—which I did, promptly on the 1st—smiling all the way.

Love It!

Yep, I admit it. I like the hearts, the red and pink, the candy (Of course! Any excuse for chocolate will do) the cards, the flowers—I think we need to get into the jewelry aspect a little more—ha, ha!

February is often called the “month of love” and that reminds me right away of God’s love. The only reason we have love to give each other is because of the love God has given us. What could be better than a whole month where we remember and think about the love of God? At least the first half of the month, there’s no escaping the pink-hearted holiday.

Think About HIS Love

It may take a shift in focus, however, to have Valentine’s be a trigger to think on God’s love. The 14th of February is more designed for celebrating romantic love between a man and woman. I remember in high school, feeling such longing to “have a Valentine.” I so wanted a “someone” that would be “all mine.” I never did have a Valentine in high school, but my very own Valentine was so worth the wait.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating our sweetheart and our God-honoring romantic relationship. God wants us to celebrate each other and the mate He brought into our life. That’s His plan. This wonderful love was His idea!

Falling in Love with Him…

But let’s remember that our capacity to love, our true understanding of love, any freedom we have in love all comes from God, for “God is love.” He is the Originator, the Author of Love.

During this month of love, as we celebrate the love in our life, let’s take the opportunity to fall in love with God all over again as we remember His goodness, His faithfulness, His caring, His sacrifice—His tremendous, overwhelming, down-through-the-ages-and-still-for-today—LOVE for us!

What are some things you can point to in your life that make you feel loved by God?

(Check the comments. I’m going to answer this question first this time!) 🙂

God’s Crazy Love

A little weekend reminder ~ God is crazy about you!

And not just a little bit. He loves you so much–SO much!– that He would do anything for you. He would do everything for you. He already has.

He created this amazing world for us to live in, to enjoy. He gave us breath and life. He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us, to take our place and pay for our sin, so we can come freely into God’s Presence. Not only that, but He wants to be a part of our daily life. Right now, today, God wants us to feel His love, to sense His Presence.

If we will slow down for just a moment, we will hear Him whisper, “I love you more than anything. I love you more than everything. Come, be with Me.”

God loves us. He is already pleased with us. We don’t have to earn His love. We don’t need to try. We already have the full love of His magnificent Being.

Join me in taking a few moments this weekend to be still before the Lord and to remember His incredible, perfect and overwhelming love. For you. For me.

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